“I’ve just finished Learning to Suffer Well. It is one of the best books I’ve read in years. This book will help everyone who reads it – not just those who are suffering from diagnosed conditions. It is easy to read and understand; Teri’s story and message is clear and personal.
From the Word, we know that all will suffer trials and illness. From Teri’s story, we learn that there is a way to get through these obstacles while building a better relationship with the Lord. Teri’s words changed the way I think when times get tough.
I feel motivated and blessed after having read it, and have recommended it to friends.”

– Jeannine Mallory, M.P.A. High Springs, Florida

“Teri’s testimony of suffering well in the midst of her storm is inspirational! This book will encourage you to stand firm in your faith throughout all the twists and turns of doing life.”

– Deanna Walker, Women and Prayer Pastor, Abundant Life Foursquare Church; Professional Life Coach

“Teri Graham is both a colleague and friend of many years, and I know her story well. She writes about her journey through pain and suffering with integrity and a heart full of compassion for others. Her approach adds her own discoveries of change and a deeper joy found in the midst of it all is completely genuine.”

– Rev. Connie R. Kingsbury, Deputy Director & Secretary, Breakthrough Cross-Cultural Services

“In her book Learning to Suffer Well, Teri expounds on the necessity of abiding in Christ through our hardships. Extremely inspiring!”

– Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny, The Affluent Entrepreneur, and Boy Entrepreneur

“Pastor Teri shares how the Lord guided her along her triumphant journey through suffering, to help us see God’s purposes and perspective in our own journey.”

– Deana Enebo, M.A., LMHC, NBCC, BCPCC (Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor)

“As someone who has taken on the task of writing about suffering, Teri Graham writes from experience with warmth and compassion. Teri has a passion to see God’s people grow and mature in Christ, and this passion permeates every page of her book.”

– Shirlee Lamoureux, Counselor/Spiritual Mentor with HeartSong Ministries, Freedom Advocate with Compassion First

“This powerful book will help give you the courage and confidence to create a heartfelt and personal relationship with Jesus.”

– Susan Friedmann, CSP, International best-selling author of Riches in Niches: How to Make it BIG in a Small Market

“Reading Learning to Suffer Well will give you an extraordinary insight to obtaining intimacy and peace with Jesus in times of crisis and uncertainty. It will take you on a personal journey, learning how to dwell in His presence.”

– Frank Reed, Author of In God We Trust; Dollar$ & Sense.

“Learning to Suffer Well has taught me to trade my negative emotions, due to difficult circumstances, for the joy of the Lord while I conquer Goliath. I now focus on suffering well and learning the lessons God has for me in the midst of trials. Thanks, Teri, for showing the way by example!”

– Beverly Basile, Health by Design Wellness Consultant

“As you read Teri’s book, there is genuine Godly insight and wisdom ‒ the kind we find with Job, the kind that endures, that can sustain a person through suffering. What I have learned from Teri is to release ourselves from the answers and find freedom and His gift of peace as we open ourselves up to God’s perspective and His will.”

– Dr. Steven Wexler, MDiv; DMin/MFT

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    “Teri’s perspective and understanding of learning to suffer well in the midst of adversity is inspiring. She has moved me with the depth of her surrender and faith in God. I have always known Teri as a worshipper. Her battle with cancer embodies the heart of a warrior!”
    -Debbie Hall, friend

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